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Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions  |  Bone Graft / Implant Surgery 
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Othee Dental Procedures


Bite on the folded gauze for 30 min, and change it every 30 min until bleeding stops
 (Don’t rinse, talk, drink, or eat during this period.  Static pressure is critical. If you run out of gauze, gently bite on a tea bag. Don’t chew food if you are still numb. Take a pain killer before the numbness wears off).
Don’t rinse, spit, smoke, drink alcohol or drink through a straw for 24 hours.
Starting tomorrow, rinse with a ¼ teaspoon of salt in 5 oz warm water 6-8 times a day (esp. after each meal).
After 24 hours, brush your teeth as you normally do, but don’t touch the extraction site.
Take pain medicine as needed.  If antibiotics are prescribed, you should finish the entire course, even after pain/swelling has disappeared.

 If there are any unusual occurrences or concerns, please call us at once at (212) 925-7066 or (866)405-9737 .  You may also text the doctor directly at (917) 640-8262.  Under rare circumstances when you cannot reach us and there is an emergency, please use your local emergency room or call 911.