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     I was referred to Dr. Shi by my best friend because I was never a fan of seeing any doctors especially dentists.  The thought of having anything done with my teeth just doesn't feel comfortable, period.
I have been a patient of Dr. Shi for several years now, probably more than 5 years and what I value most about choosing the right dentist is finding one you can trust & I was lucky to have found him.

      I recently got my first pinhole gum graft done & it was a success, I would recommend this surgery to anyone who suffers from pain when brushing their teeth due to gum loss.  To learn more about this procedure, visit Dr. Shi's website:  What sets Dr. Shi apart from other dentists is that he genuinely cares for his patients and he always take his time to educate his patients to ensure they understand what needs to be done to stay healthy.  Thank you, Dr. Shi.
----Loyal & grateful patient (psyche)

      My student told me about Dr.Shi that he is his family dentist for more than 10 years, and that Dr. Shi is  a very, very good Dr.  So I trusted my student and started the treatment in the middle of 2014.  I went to Dr. Shi for cosmetic purpose - now, my life has changed.  My smiley face already changed when he first made the temporally front teeth by his hand and replace them to the old ones - I had gummy smile.  I've been in several dentists both in Japan and here in NYC. Dr. Shi was born to do it - He is just so good for making teeth - not only that, I ended up fixing all the problems including root canals that was from the previous dentists.  Now, I finished all the treatment and I got brand new and most beautiful teeth line ever.  I still think how did this happen so great.  I am totally more confident in my look now - not gummy anymore. In addition, his procedures were much more detailed and time consumed that was totally different from any previous Drs I have been.  I understood his every diligent work all the way every time I was there. I must tell this to all friends who are reading this. I am very, very fortunate to find this Dr, and he is my dentist now for any future problems.

------Fumiyo N,  Brooklyn, NY

     My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Shi for many years. We now live in Connecticut but still make the trip to visit him for all of our dental needs. His services, his expertise, and for his professionalism are what always makes for such a wonderful experience.  Dr. Shi has such a gentle approach, and his services throughout the years have always exceeded our expectations. We will continue to refer patients to his office, because it is such a delight to visit him and his staff, in a beautifully clean modern office.  

     I recently had a dental emergency, and live roughly two hours away. I hesitated but called Dr. Shi. Unknown to me, it was his off day, and the call had gone to voicemail. Within moments I had received a call back, with a calming voice on the other end of the phone telling me to come in to his office. He assured me it would be just fine.  He had left his home in New Jersey to head to his office in Manhattan just for me. He once again, treated me with excellence, and with a truly gentle nature.

     I am also a healthcare practioner and I know how much that means to patients, and I was truly touched to know that Dr. Shi had my best interest at heart. There are many different types of health practioners out; some that are business and money orientated, and others that have a healing powerful human touch. Dr. Shi would fall into the second category.

     I highly recommend Dr. Shi, as a patient, and as a health care practioner.

-----R. W, Westport, Connecticut

      Dr Shi is a very good dentist and thoroughbred gentleman. I got my denture made by him and gum surgery etc and my wife has done crowns and splints from him and is getting ready for two implants that she needs. he is never in a hurry to go from one patient to the other even though his office is always full of patients. Me and my wife live in Bayonne, NJ but go to him only for our dental procedures even though we have to change couple of trains and a 20 mins walk from WTC which we enjoy mainly because we look forward to our time with Dr Shi and his ever smiling and very talented dental assistants. His office manager Ms May is very pleasant to talk to and explains everything in great detail while we are waiting for our turn. The office is in Chinatown and its a nice experience to shop or eat around there.

-----Pradeep S, Bayonne, NJ

     This place is fantastic!  Dr. Shi and his staff were kind, patient and very professional. I had a very good experience.

    Great dentist, great hygienist.  Highly recommend this dental office.

-----Y.Y. Brooklyn, NY



        “I was referred to Dr. Shi through a friend of mine who had some dental work done and was extremely happy with the care she had received. I couldn't be happier with my decision to be a patient of Dr. Shi's. Not only has the treatment outcome far exceeded my expectations, I also have received great discount and friendly care! I have referred all of my friends, family, and acquaintances to be a part of Dr Shi's Centre Dental as well.”

-----Amy Y, New York, NY

          "I had an extreme fear of the dentist but Dr. Shi and his staff are so gentle and compassionate that I felt comfortable with them.  Dr Shi did comprehensive exam, and identified all the problems in my mouth.  He discussed with me what should be done, and what the alternatives are.  Gradually he fixed all the dental problems for me.  I am no longer dental phobic.”

------Allan T, Brooklyn, NY


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