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Root Canal Therapy

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Patient Instructions After Root Canal Therapy


  1. Your tooth will be sensitive to biting pressure and may even appear to be loose.  This feeling is a result of the inflammation of nerve-endings and surrounding tissue just outside the end of the root(s) that were treated.  This is normal and will become progressively more comfortable within a few days.
  2. You may feel a rough area where the access was made and sealed with a temporary filling.  If the filling comes out please contact our office to replace the filling to ensure the root canal therapy remains protected.
  3. A small percentage of patients may experience severe post-treatment pain and / or swelling in the area that was treated.  If this occurs, please call us immediately so we may address this problem.
  4.  Pain medicine may be needed after root canal therapy.  Generally, Ibuprofen or Tylenol is enough for temporary pain relief after treatment.  In some cases we may also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infections.  In this case, please follow the dosage instructions.
  5.   Avoid chewing on the tooth. Try to chew on the other side.  Tooth received root canal treatment is brittle, and if heavy chewing force is applied, it can be fractured.
  6.   Restore root canal treated tooth with a post and a crown as soon as possible after discomfort has subsided following therapy.