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Welcome to Centre Dental.  We are committed to providing comprehensive, modern, high quality care at affordable prices. 

If you are new in NYC, and in need of a trusted dentist, look no further.  With years of gentle care experience, advanced dental equipment, and the most updated and current dental and medical knowledge, our doctors can help you eliminate dental suffering, restore dental functions, and enhance your smiles.

We know many patients have dental fear.  We go extra mile to provide the most conservative and noninvasive procedures available.  Our doctors and hygienists have gentle hands and good hearts. After you see us once, you will appreciate how easy it is to get dental care in our modern office.

You will join us as a team to correct your current dental problems, and maintain dental health for the rest of your life.  Your active participation and compliance will be the key to achieve treatment success.  Lets work together for better oral health and more attractive smiles.

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