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Metal Free Crowns

Improve the Appearance of Your Smile with a Dental Crown!

Metal Free Cowns---Natural Looking Crown without Compromising the Strength

With the advancement of Cad-Cam technology and improvement of ceramic materials (Including zirconium), metal-free crowns are as strong as traditional metal crowns with added esthetic and biological benefit.  

The Benefits of a Crown Include: 
* Enhancing your appearance
* Covering discolored teeth
* Holding a filling in place
* Protecting a weak or cracked tooth
* Restoring a tooth to its natural shape and size

A dental crown looks like a tooth, and even has a similar texture, shape, and hue. In fact, no one will know that you have a dental crown placed by Dr. John Shi unless you tell them!  

When a tooth has extensive decay, Dr Shi will remove the tooth decay and buildup the tooth with a strengthening material. He will then reshape the tooth to allow future crown to be inserted passively.  He will then either use iTero digital impression or traditional impression material to capture the 3-dimensional structure of your tooth, and a temporary crown will be placed.  Once your crown is made by a skilled ceramist in a dental lab, it will be cemented onto the prepared tooth. Your new crown looks completely realistic and natural.

Restore your smile and oral health with a dental crown. To discuss the possibility of having a dental crown placed to repair tooth decay or other damages, please contact Centre Dental in NYC today.