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Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers


Are your teeth chipped, stained or otherwise unsightly? Would you like to improve your smile quickly and permanently, without any painful processes? We are pleased to offer a very popular cosmetic solution for smile enhancement: veneers and Lumineers. If you are seeking a way to whiten teeth without resorting to short term methods, you may want to discuss getting porcelain veneers with Dr. John Shi at Centre Dental in NYC.

Dental veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry in which a shell or layer of tooth-colored porcelain is placed over the facial surfaces of your teeth to correct worn enamel, uneven tooth alignment or spacing, discoloration and chips or cracks.

Although dental veneers fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry because they create bright, white smiles with beautifully aligned, shapely teeth, they also protect the surface of damaged teeth and may eliminate the need for more extensive treatments. Other benefits of veneers include durability, an improved smile appearance, and the need for little-to-no removal of tooth structure as compared to crowns.

Traditional veneers involve small amount of shaving the facial surface of teeth.  Local anesthesia is often needed due to teeth sensitivity, and temporary veneers are required for the two week during which your customized porcelain products are made in a dental lab.

Lumineers are thinner than traditional veneers, as thin as a contact lens, and their application requires little to no tooth reduction and no anesthetic is necessary. Because the process is less invasive than with traditional veneers, Lumineer patients find that they immediately enjoy their new smiles without any post-procedure discomfort or sensitivity. 


If you want to know if you are a candidate for veneers, or if you cannot decide whether veneers or Lumineers are better for you, please contact us for a free consultation.  You can even fill out an easy online consultation form for a quick answer.