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Implant Maintenance

Implant Maintenance—Key to Long Term Success


To protect your investment, regular maintenance is imperative.  Long term success is your goal as well as ours.  We have to work together as a team to keep your implant in the best possible condition.

Daily Maintenance—Home Care Protocol

  • Use soft brushes to brush your implant crowns or bridges. Choose non-abrasive toothpastes (we recommend Colgate Total).
  • Waterpik is the best tool in your arsenal to maintain implant s. 

implant homecare.jpg

  • If you have implant bridges, you may also try proxy brush.  To clean metal surfaces, a rubber tip is recommended.

 implant proxy brush.jpg


  • Superfloss can be used to clean under the bridge or around any metal surfaces using shoe-shine motion. 



  • After each meal, overdentures should be removed immediately to clean.  All parts of overdentures should be inspected daily.  Pay speaicla ttention to the nylon inserts.  If any deformation is seen, please contact us immediately.  Don’t forget to clean the implant attachments or the bar that connected to implants. You can use waterpik or superfloss for this purpose. 

locator.jpglocator insert.pnglocator in denture.jpg

Periodic Office Visit

Implant treatment involves many connected parts, and they are under constant force from chewing, talking, swallowing, or even night grinding.  Implant is similar to a car that is being driven 24 hours a day.  With time, some parts may get loose.  Besides mechanical damage to your implants, bacterial plaque may also damage the seal between your gum and the implant.  Therefore periodic office maintenance visits are very important. 

During the maintenance visit, we thoroughly clean all connecting parts of implants, check and fix any screw loosening, remove overdentures to inspect the integrity of all components, replace the nylon inserts if needed. 

We recommend 2-4 visits per year to maintain your implants.