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Gum Recession

Gum Recession (Noninfectious)---Under Treated but Prevalent Gum Disorders 

Gum recession can be caused by as simple as overzealous brushing.  It can also be caused by abnormal biting force (night bruxism, crooked teeth, etc), aging, eating disorders, dipping tobacco, gum disease or adult braces treatment.  When gums recede, tooth appears longer and shows black triangles.  Also affected tooth may be sensitive to cold or even touch.  Untreated gum recession deteriorates over time, and exposed roots may suffer decay. Eventually it may cause tooth loss.

How to Treat Gum Recessions?

Traditional treatment includes bonding/veneers and gum graft.  Bonding or veneers may help reduce sensitivity or temporarily improve appearance, but condition worsens oven time.  Gum grafting involves cutting gums from roof of mouth and grafted over receded area.  It may be expensive and painful experience.  

In the past few years Alloderm microsurgery becomes available, and treatment becomes less invasive. Expense and recovery time, however,  still impose challenges to most patients. Thanks to Dr John Chao in California, a minimally invasive microsurgical technique called Chao's Pinhole Surgical Gum Rejuvenation  or PST  offers less expensive and same day recovering alternative to gum grafting. Please see Dr Steve Show interviewing Dr Chao on PST.

Dr Shi is one of the early trained and authorized doctors in the US to provide this patented procedure to patients in NY area. Please make an appointment for a free consultation.