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Family Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry  |  Root Canals  Crowns and Bridges
Gum Diseases  Tooth Extractions (including Wisdom Tooth)
Sleep Dentistry  Cavities/Fillings  Dentures


We also provide family dentistry to care for a wide variety of patients, from young children to older adults.

 As a provider serves as the first level of defense against dental abnormalities, we perform comprehensive dental exams to all new patients with the help of digital intro-oral Xrays, digital panoramic Xrays, digital intro-oral cameras, and traditional dental tools.

After discussing treatment plan(s) with patients, we will clean your teeth, and instruct you the best home care regimes that fit your oral condition and your life style. 

We will take care of any emergency condition first.  If there is pain or acute infection, we will treat these conditions as a first priority.  We will then eliminate chronic infections, including cavities, gum diseases, root canal treatment, and extractions of hopeless teeth.  When your mouth is infection-free, we will restore the functions, including crowns, bridges, dental implants, braces, dentures, or full mouth reconstruction.  With our expertise in cosmetic and implant dentistry, you should expect streamlined care with your dazzling smile in the plan before any definitive treatment starts.