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CT-Scan (3-D Xrays)

Dental CT Scan ---3D X-Rays


Cone beam dental CT scan is 3D X-ray imaging of jaw bone and surrounding structures.  It provides accurate information of bone dimensions and locations of other vital structures (nerves, blood vessels, sinuses, ect). 

Traditional Dental Panoramic X-ray


Traditional dental panoramic x-rays provide good estimate of tooth and bone conditions.  But it provides only 2-D information with inherent error rate of about 30%.  We can never know how thick the jaw bone is using panoramic X-rays alone.  Panoramic X-ray cannot provide accuracy, precision and safety required for dental implant placement.

Dental CT Scan


Dental CT scan is also called cone beam CT scan.  It takes 3D X-Ray of your teeth and jaws.  Unlike medical CT scan, dental CT scan has very little radiation.  Once we receive your scan information, Dr Shi uses special software to do treatment plan and virtual surgery on computer.  At Centre Dental, Dr Shi strongly recommends dental CT for most implant cases, especially for implants near the nerves in the lower jaw.