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Bone Preservation and Graft

Bone Preservation & Bone Augmentation in New York City

--Grafting procedures to help build the foundation for strong implants


Bone is the foundation of teeth as well as dental implants.  Dr Shi at Centre Dental in New York City has extensive training in bone regeneration, and bone grafting has become very exciting area of our practice.  The latest advances in bone grafting have made it more successful, more predictable and more common than ever.  It makes many previous non-candidates for dental implants perfect candidates. 


Bone Preservation after Atraumatic Tooth Extraction---the best approach to gaining bone mass

Dr Shi at Centre Dental always prefers minimally invasive approach to dental problems.  When a tooth cannot be saved, and a dental implant is planned, Dr Shi uses special dental tools that remove tooth atraumatically.  This approach not only save maximum amount of native bone, it also dramatically reduce discomfort after surgery.  After tooth extraction, a graft material is used to fill in the tooth sockets or any bone defects, and subsequently a membrane is used to cover the bone product and secured by stitches.


Bone Augmentation---a solution to build previously lost bone structure

When a tooth is missing for extended period of time, our body undergoes natural degeneration by removing bone cells from the missing tooth area.  When an implant is planned, it is likely there is insufficient bone to support it.  With advanced grafting technique and modern materials, Dr Shi can repair the defect by augmenting the ridge to receive a viable dental implant.  The procedure is similar to bone preservation procedure except it may take longer to heal. 

Depending upon the amount of bone deficiency, sometimes a bone augmentation procedure is done in conjunction with implant placement saving patient months of healing time.  Please ask Dr Shi what type of grafting procedure is best for you. 


Bone Grafting Materials

Material, either in the form of patients’ own bone, human donor bone, processed animal bone, or mineral bone substitute, is used to regenerate your bone structure. Each type of material is completely sterile and safe. Receiving any of these bone source materials is much like receiving a blood donation from a blood bank, and all materials are screened to prevent disease.  Please discuss with Dr Shi to choose the best grafting material for your case.