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A Week Before Surgery

      Eat a more balanced diet rich in proteins, fruits and vegetables to boost your overall health.  Improve oral hygiene. If you are due for teeth cleaning, you should get it done prior to surgical appointment.  If we have prescribed an oral rinse for you, you should start to use it.  If your medical condition has changed since our last meeting, please call us immediately so we may adjust your appointment or medications. 

The Night Before Surgery

 Please relax, sleep well, and maintain the best oral hygiene possible.

The Morning Before Surgery

If we prescribed anti-swelling medicine (i.e.. decadron), please take it in the morning.  Please eat well 90 minutes before your appointment.  Bring your music player so you can listen to your favorite music during surgery.  

One Hour Before Surgery
 Please take prescribed antibiotics and a pain killer.  

During Surgery

  Please turn off your cell phone and turn on your music player.  

After Surgery

    Place an ice pack on the skin next to the surgical area to control swelling (for 2-3 hours).  Please eat soft food after anesthesia wears off.  6 hours after surgery, please take another dose of antibiotics and the pain killer.  Please rinse your mouth with warm salt water after meals.  Don't smoke or drink alcohol.  Don't do vigorous exercises.  

Second Day After Surgery
     Please take medications as prescribed.  Rinse your mouth once every 2-3 hours or after meals.  Eat soft diet.  Don't open your mouth too big lest pulling the stitches.  If some stitches get loose, don't pull them or remove them.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at any time at 212-925-7066.  Starting on the second day, you facial skin may show swelling and/or discoloration, and may be worse on third day.   These are signs of normal healing.  You will feel better on 4th day. 

Two Weeks After Surgery
Return to our office for follow-up and to remove the stitches.