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Atraumatic Tooth Extraction

Atraumatic Tooth Extraction

---The Most Important Step for Dental Implant Treatment


Traditional techniques for tooth extraction in dental textbooks are outdated, to say the least, as some of the jaw bone may get “extracted” along with tooth extraction.  To ensure success of future implant, atraumatic tooth removal become our routine and preferred treatment approach whenever possible.   An added benefit of atraumatic tooth extraction is less bleeding and less pain after the procedure. 


What is Atraumatic Tooth Extraction?


Textbook method of tooth extraction uses forceps horizontally wobble tooth out of socket.  Atraumatic tooth extraction, instead, uses only vertical force to move tooth out of socket.  It requires special instrument to loosen up the fibers surrounding the tooth.  Sometimes, the tooth is sectioned, and removed in pieces.  The main goal of this approach is to preserve maximum amount of bone. However, it may take longer time to complete the procedure. 


What Procedures can be done in Conjunction with Tooth Extraction?


Depending upon the location of tooth and condition of bone, bone grafting and/or implant placement procedures may be done immediately.  Please ask Dr Shi at Centre Dental what can be done in your case.


What are the Temporary Solutions for Replacing Missing Tooth?

If you are missing a front tooth, we will always offer a temporary tooth for you.  There are many types of temporary tooth available including Essix temperary pontics, temproary Maryland bridge, flipper, temperary bridge, temperary denture or even temperary overoverdenture. Please ask Dr Shi to help you choose a temporary tooth that fits your budget and life style.