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Centre Dental

Welcome to Centre Dental, a comprehensive modern dental practice in lower Manhattan. Our mission is to provide quality gentle care at affordable prices.
We put emphasis on prevention and esthetics for long-lasting smile enhancements. Combining modern equipment, cutting-edge techniques and years of gentle care experiences, we are confident that after you see us once, you will be our returning customer.  Our practice grows by word-of-mouth, not by advertisements. In return, all patients receive trusted dental care at great savings.

Your comfort and general health is our highest goal! Our office provides a warm and welcoming environment with friendly staff to make you feel at home. We offer dental consultations at no charge. Come in and let us help you achieve ultimate dental health and dazzling smiles.  


What's New:  
       PRL System:  Extracting growth factors from patient's own blood for bone graft, wisdom teeth extraction and many other procedures--Promoting healling within.
       Denin Ginder:  Using patient's own extratced teeth to make bone graft materials for fast bone regeneration.